Eddy Willemsen

When he was 19 years old he became a dj on the Dutch national radio…. but in the meantime he worked as a musician, composer and singer. Eddy writes his own songs and plays almost all instruments. With his bands One for All and Bad News he managed to score several hits in the past, but also in the years after that he had a succesfull solo career and  reached the charts.  

Eddy took a musical brake for a couple of years during his stay in Curacao. In 2019 he got back to the Netherlands to pick up the music and record a new album. Julia was the first single and in 2020 it became a hit in 12 countries. The fortcoming album The New Girl on 51st Street will be released at the end of 2019, the single Julia is the first track from that album.

The music of Eddy Willemsen will remind you to the Britpop music as The Beatles and Oasis. His music is mastered in the famous Abbey Road Studio’s London.


Videoclip Julia:

Videoclip Fool Goin’ Home: